Stockpile diagram

Please type in the metre values and press CALCULATE. For conical piles (ie stacker pile), use 0 top width and 0 length with a Type B end. Weights based on water at 38°F - 62.43 #/ft3.

        Stockpiles - Angles and measures
Note: Type A is difficult to achieve but may represent the end geometry better than B in some cases, depending in part on how the stockpile is created.
BASE w Note: 2*w + wt=total stockpile width.
Top Width (wt) m. Stockpile End Type
 B:  NONE:
Length (L) m. Specific Wgt
INPUT 2 OF 3 of the following (Angle, Base, Height):
Angle of Repose Θ deg
Base Width (w) metres
Height (h) metres
  VOLUME m3   Surface AREA m2   TONNES '000kg  
Base Stockpile   m3 m2
+ 2 end sections   m3 m2
= TOTAL m3 m2