Kode Contracting’s crusher can take all forms of old asphalt to be crushed and stockpiled for new pavement. There are many benefits when it comes to asphalt recycling : cost savings, reduction in landfill space and reduced environmental impacts.

Instead of asphalt being taken to the landfill, the asphalt and concrete are recycled to provide an alternative road base material. The recycled asphalt contains oil and other agents which work as a binder and can achieve much better compaction. Recycled asphalt is also environmentally friendly because it does not require unearthing more gravel, and it has less of a carbon footprint because the recycling is done locally.

The City of Prince George did an experiment  in the spring of 2014 and found the product was so successful for road base that they decided to continue production of it into the summer. We anticipate asphalt recycling to play a large part in the resurfacing of roads in the future.

Asphalt recycling has been found to be a very cost effective measure.